Newark on Trent Psychotherapy

Hello, I’m Dawn, welcome!

I am a Relational Gestalt Psychotherapist in advanced training, I’m also many other things. My kids like to remind me “being Mum is your most important job”.

I have worked in business, not therapy, for most of my adult life and I have learned over the years that in every role I have, my curiosity and interest is in the people. I am deeply interested in how they feel about themselves, their work, their team, and what that means for how they are in the world. Each of us is unique, and that means how we feel and experience the world in each moment is unique, and that we want to be accepted, seen, and heard just as we are.

I love Relational Gestalt Therapy because it's principals and ethos are a homecoming for how, out of my awareness, I came to realise I was thinking and feeling about the world. Everything is connected. We are connected; to ourselves, to each other and to the natural world around us.

I think of Relational Gestalt as a dynamic and vibrant therapy which considers the ‘whole’ of the self; mind, body and spirit by exploring current, here and now lived experience. We are in relationship and do not exist without ‘other’. How and who we are is shaped by our relationships with others and with our world.

When how and who we are is difficult, or overwhelming, I believe relational gestalt therapy can help you with long lasting and creative ways to explore and to be. To meet each moment as it arises.   

I am based in Lincolnshire and on the border of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire and am able to see clients at my home or online as needed.

Currently I am in my final years of training, and qualified to see clients. I am registered with UKCP. I have supervision and full insurance.