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Below are a few of my essays from my training as a Relational Gestalt Therapist

‘We are living through one of the greatest experiments of our time: The embodied fear of extinction. If the trauma of this pandemic wasn't enough then the looming responses to climate change will need to be.

We are going to need a Mental Health service that is robust enough, open enough, courageous enough and at the cutting edge of radical Psychotherapy. One that is not afraid to talk about the need for love and interconnection, Ecological respect, Biodiversity, intersectionality, inclusion, and an alignment with our own authentic Soul purpose.

Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy is 'Growing Forward '. 

How can we create the biggest and most important experiment of Psychotherapy for years to come? To cope with the emotional impact of COVID-19 anxiety and climate change depression. To cope with isolation, inequality, trauma, suicide, relationship breakdowns and a growing number of mental health referrals. 


Death is not the opposite of life but an innate part of it’ Haruki Murakami.

Discuss from a Relational Gestalt perspective. 

Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy is a here and now based practice. Is there a place for a Child Developmental perspective? If so, what might this look like and how would it be integrated?

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